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Duke of Ankh by CinTheBarbarian Duke of Ankh by CinTheBarbarian
Finished the 30th June, 2014 | 

I wished to practice a little bit this morning.

Yesterday at night I was in Tumblr. Procrastinating, yes. And I read that someone imagined Sam Vimes, from the Discworld series, as the british actor Stephen Dillane (Stannis!!! Baratheon!!!) 

Vimes is the Commander of the City Watch, the police force of the Discworld's largest city, Ankh-Morpork.
He's been my favorite character of this series since I read the book Guards! Guards! years ago. 

I hope you like it!

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oxygenius Featured By Owner Edited Mar 12, 2015  Professional General Artist
Pretty bad-ass :D

Although I admit my personal image of His Vimesiness is more sturdy, blocky build. Maybe a bit like Anthony Hopkins.

cu, w0lf.
stacieyates Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
I admit to consistently referring to Iain Glen as GOT!Vimes, instead. He's got the stubble, the armor and hangs around with a formidable dragon lady and seems like  he might have a slight crush on her[1]. A while back, I actually just nicked a picture of him looking sufficiently weary and exasperated enough and made it my computer background as "GOT-flavored Vimes.jpg" or some such.

[1] - Says the non-viewer who is familiar with GOT mainly because of memes.

Regardless of who it's modeled on, though, this is fabulous.
CinTheBarbarian Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! Glad you like it!

Oh, he'd be a nice choice indeed! 
But I'd surely prefer Clint Eastwood.  I think Iain Glen is too handsome for Vimes.

You've got to watch GOT! I watched the full 4 seasons in less than a month. You're gonna enjoy it, trust me!
Blueberry-me Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Este Vimes es to propio xD me encanta cómo lo has sacado, muy chulo y el color fantástico :D
CinTheBarbarian Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
JAJAJA gracias!
i-am-mighty Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
WOOOO! A woo for Vimes there, I always wanted Hugh Laurie to play him :) Terry himself says he always imagined him looking like Pete Postlethwaite which is just weird frankly while Paul Kidby always draws him as a skinny alcoholic Clint Eastwood.
I'm working on Colon and Nobby myself at the moment so we will have to compare notes at some stage :)
Nice piece by the way :)
CinTheBarbarian Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
And Pratchett also imagines Vetinari as Alan Rickman, a combination that doesn't work for me at all :tantrum:
Pete's face is the last face I'd imagine for Vimes! I've always imagined him a little bit like Clint Eastwood, so when I first saw Kidby's illustrations I got surprised - he must have read my mind.

YES! I wanna see your version of Nobby!

Thank you! (:
i-am-mighty Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
I think Rickman would have been perfect when he was younger, but I reckon his face is too puffy nowadays, mens faces tend to grow sideways as they grow older.
I always thought Kidby got Vimes perfect as well, the only time I ever saw Vimes like Postlethwaithe was in the illustrations for Where is my Cow and it was... weird.
CinTheBarbarian Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i-am-mighty Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Professional General Artist
I told ya it was, I did buy the book for my niece though and she loves it, I felt it was a fitting way to introduce her to the discworld
KeplerNova Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome work!
CinTheBarbarian Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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